The Right Attorney Makes A Difference

Litigators Ready To Protect Your Real Estate Interests

Buying or selling a home or property in California is stressful enough, but a conflict can make it worse. If you are dealing with a tough real estate matter, we can help. Work with us to find a resolution that can alleviate the stress and allow you to confidently move forward with your transaction.

Here at the Law Office of Ethan A. Glaubiger, we offer our clients full-service real estate assistance, with an emphasis on litigation. Our clientele is diverse and includes homeowners, property developers, commercial property owners, real estate investors and more.

Our Approach Puts You, Your Time And Your Finances First

Litigation can be costly and time-consuming. For that reason, we focus on efficient and cost-effective resolutions. Our aim is to help clients like you find solutions that do not exhaust your finances yet can still meet your objectives. 

Reach out to us for help addressing the following types of issues and more:

Whenever possible, we seek creative and proactive approaches to help you avoid litigation, thus minimizing the time and costs associated with real estate disputes.

An Attorney Comfortable Working In Or Out Of The Courtroom

While we offer our negotiation and mediation services in an effort to reduce the time and money spent on litigation actions, we know this is not for everyone. Should you require the assistance of a trial lawyer, trust your case to attorney Ethan A. Glaubiger today. With a history of success in the courtroom, he brings a formidable set of skills to each case he takes on.

For the aggressive representation you need to protect your interests, get in touch with us today. Call 707-387-0955 to schedule a consultation at our Santa Rosa office or send us an email to request an appointment online.