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Santa Rosa Real Estate Blog

The challenges of rezoning for commercial use in Sonoma County

Business owners and would-be investors often pay a premium for property zoned for commercial, industrial or mixed-use purposes. After all, zoning regulations control what you can and cannot do at any given property. The zoning of a parcel or building, as well as the zoning of other properties nearby, should be given careful consideration if you plan to buy real estate for your business.

However, that doesn't mean you should limit your property search only to locations currently zoned for your intended use. Given that the real estate market in Sonoma County is relatively competitive, business owners who want to invest or expand may find that the easiest way to do so is by purchasing a property that is not currently zoned for their intended use.

New construction defects: Keep your eye out for these

There is nothing more exciting than building your dream home from the ground up. Once you choose your lot and home design, it's time to sit back and watch your builder take action.

While it's your hope that your home is perfect when you move in, this isn't always the case. New home construction defects are extremely common, so it's critical to keep your eyes open for anything that deserves your attention.

What to look for in a real estate attorney

Maybe you've run into trouble leading up to a residential or commercial real estate transaction. Maybe you're caught up in the middle of a landlord-tenant dispute. Or maybe you need assistance creating a lease agreement or buy-sell agreement.

When it comes to the real estate industry, it's important to have a clear idea of the situation you're facing and the steps you can take to protect your legal rights at all times.

6 ways real estate attorneys can save developers money

When you are a real estate developer, you have your eyes on the bottom line: making sure your investment in property pays off in the end. Often, developers think that by purchasing a property without consulting an attorney, they will save money. However, that's often not the case.

Addressing defects in your development after construction

Real estate developers and builders serve a critical role in the modern economy. They turn unused land into habitable properties where people can live and enjoy their lives. They also take land and vastly increase its overall worth by creating structures and other improvements on the property.

Developers and builders usually do everything in their power to provide an excellent product to their customers while also keeping their own costs low enough to ensure a decent profit margin. Unfortunately, even with redundant checks and expert architects involved in the project, mistakes can happen.

5 common mistakes to avoid when constructing a building

When your company constructs a new building, you hope it all goes according to plan. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. While minor errors can be easily resolved, bigger issues can result in construction defects or property damage, which may make your construction company liable

While it is impossible to avoid every single mistake, there are some steps you can take to reduce the chances of them occurring. Here are some of the most common construction mistakes to avoid. 

How a QA/QC program can help you avoid construction defect claims

When you finish the construction of a building, you hope that is the end of your concerns. Unfortunately, construction defect allegations can arise down the road – even years after a project is complete. You may receive notice that the building owner is suing you for a construction defect.

Construction defects involve the early failure of a component or system and are usually caused by improper design, installation or material selection. So how can you prevent these issues from occurring? One of the most effective strategies to avoid construction defect claims is developing a quality assurance/quality control program. Here are some important elements of such a program. 

Important aspects of a disclosure agreement

As real estate investment continues to grow in popularity, so do the possible opportunities. However, with this real estate expansion comes the increase in possible transaction issues.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or are just getting into the investment field, the more you know about the process, the better. The disclosure agreement is an important aspect of the sale, and there are a few important aspects to be aware of that may help to protect you as you look to sell your property.

Encroachment issues, and how to resolve them

When neighbors share bordering lines of property, encroachment is possible. In fact, encroachments come in a few different forms.

Whether looking to purchase or sell real estate, an encroachment can cause issues. Thankfully, you may pursue a few possible options to resolve this problem. 

What can go wrong in a real estate transaction?

Real estate transactions are tricky. People try to scam the system all the time, such as one California woman who faces five felony counts of trying to steal around $400,000 from property buyers in Arizona. 

When the day actually comes for the buyer and seller to sit down, a lot can go wrong. Some of it is preventable, which is why it helps to know what can potentially go wrong when you sit down for a transaction of this nature.