Ensuring a clear property title in California

When you decide to buy property from a private seller, it’s crucial to ensure that the title to your new home is clear. This means that there are no legal claims against the property like liens or encumbrances that could affect your ownership. 

Check the property’s title history

Conduct a thorough check of the property’s title history. It involves looking into the public records to trace the property’s ownership back through time. You want to confirm that there are no discrepancies or irregularities in the chain of ownership. It’ll reveal if there are any outstanding debts, disputes, or legal claims attached to the property.

Get title insurance

Ensure you obtain title insurance. The insurance protects you from future claims against the title that remained hidden during the initial title check. Title insurance can cover various issues, including errors in public records, forgery, and unknown heirs. It provides financial protection and peace of mind.

Use a title company

Using a title company can greatly facilitate the process of buying a property with a clear title. These companies specialize in reviewing title information and ensuring that the title to the property you are purchasing is free from past defects. 

They perform detailed searches and handle the necessary documentation to secure your legal ownership. Title companies also often issue title insurance, making them a convenient one-stop shop for title-related services.

Safeguard your investment

Purchasing property is a significant decision, and ensuring a clear title is an essential part of protecting that investment. Remember, taking these steps helps shield you from potential future problems, making your property purchase safer and more secure.