How can you resolve a boundary dispute in California?

When two people own property adjacent to one another, the potential for a boundary dispute is always there.

If you find yourself arguing with your neighbor over property lines, you should take action to resolve the issue right away.

Common reasons for boundary disputes

There are countless ways a boundary dispute can begin. Perhaps you decide to put up a fence around the yard’s perimeter, and the neighbor thinks you crossed the property line. Maybe the business next door decided to do some landscaping and cut down a tree on your property. A common scenario involves one neighbor wrongfully thinking an area of the property belongs to them when it does not.

These disputes can quickly become frustrating, especially if both parties strongly believe they are in the right. When the arguments drag on for too long, they can become increasingly hostile.

Possible ways to resolve a boundary dispute

It is in everyone’s best interest to approach the issue with a solution as quickly as possible. You can attempt to reach an agreement through a civil discussion. If you can come to an understanding without involving a third party, put it in writing.

You could commission a survey to have someone measure the property, giving you a precise boundary. If nothing else resolves the dispute, you can take the argument to the court. This option can be costly and take a significant amount of time.

Sometimes winning a boundary dispute means keeping a level head even when you know the other party is incorrect.