3 things you should not do during a boundary dispute

A boundary dispute can become a major point of contention between you and your neighbor. While you may wish to quickly put the issue to rest, there are certain things you should not do during an ongoing dispute.

Many circumstances can trigger a California boundary dispute. You might start a construction project near the property line, or perhaps a new business opens next door and encroaches over the boundary. Whatever the situation, it is a sensitive matter that you should handle appropriately.

1. Do not begin the dialogue aggressively

It can be easy to adopt an aggressive tone when you feel that your property line is in jeopardy, especially if you feel that the law will be on your side. However, a friendly demeanor can lead to a quicker and more peaceful solution.

2. Do not violate the boundary in question

One common trick during property disputes is to place a fence or hedge over the boundary to claim the space as your own. This underhanded tactic violates the border in dispute and could lead to unpleasant outcomes.

3. Do not sell your property without disclosing the dispute

An ongoing dispute is among the information that you should disclose in a California real property transaction. It may be legal to sell a property with an ongoing boundary dispute, but this is information that your buyer has the right to know.

Boundary disputes tend to be delicate affairs in which emotions can flare up. To ensure an amicable and beneficial resolution, it is best to consult with a real estate attorney.