Ways to solve boundary disputes

Many California residents go out of their way to make sure their yards and gardens are a beautiful reflection of their tastes and lifestyles. The last thing anyone wants to get involved in is a neighbor boundary dispute, and yet these disputes are very common. A boundary dispute with a neighbor takes place when there is disagreement over who owns land that borders both properties. Boundary dispute disagreements can be quite contentious, but there are options that neighbors may want to look into in order to resolve their issues.

What are some ways that neighbors could go about handling a boundary dispute?

One way that neighbors could try and resolve a boundary dispute is by working it out among themselves. This would be a great resolution because it usually requires no more than basic legal intervention. The neighbors agree among themselves about how to divide the property, and lawyers can draw up the terms. Unfortunately, this way rarely works. The reason that the dispute is happening in the first place is usually because neither neighbor agrees to give an inch.

If you believe the law is on your side, you can send a demand letter to your neighbor. This letter would come from your attorney, and it would require the neighbor to respond to the action so that the boundary dispute can be resolved. In some cases, the neighbor sending the letter may agree to a dollar amount to give up the land, or they may agree to share the land. If your attorney and the neighbor’s attorney can work out an agreement, that would be a success.

If your demand letter fails, your next step will most likely be to file a motion asking the court to “quiet title.” Quiet title means that a court will consider all of the evidence and determine who actually owns the land.

Who can people turn to for help with boundary disputes?

People who are dealing with boundary disputes with their neighbors are eager to get the issue resolved so that they can live peacefully. They may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience working on land disputes in the area.