How to move real estate in a down market

The real estate market goes through its ups and downs. When hot, selling a house might be both fast and profitable. A sluggish California real estate market could lead to a property fielding few offers. However, there are ways for sellers to move a house during a sluggish market. Perhaps researching various ideas and changing an approach may be the right course of action.

Fixing a house and performing overdue repairs might help with the curbside appeal. Also, properties that look poorly maintained may lead would-be buyers to think they’d need to spend significant money performing repairs. Why go with a fixer-upper when a home in pristine condition might be available at the same price?

And that question should lead to concerns about the current selling price of the property. Is it priced appropriately for the market? If the average home sales were 25% higher 10 years ago, that doesn’t necessarily have a bearing on current prices. Sluggish real estate markets, market bubbles and other issues might force prices down. Sellers can only get what buyers want to pay.

Appraisals and inspections could reveal a lot about a property. Imagine if the roof fails inspection. Selling the house may prove extremely difficult when the roof requires replacing. In this situation, perhaps an “investor” might purchase the property at a low figure.

With help from a strong agent and wise marketing plan, you could draw attention to the property. Attracting the right buyers also helps move the home. Sellers need to locate people able to afford the asking price and be reasonable during negotiations. Of course, it helps when the realtor negotiates for the best sale price.

A real estate law attorney may prove helpful when attempting to close a sale. The lawyer could review the disclosure form and sales paperwork. When selling a property “as is,” speaking with an attorney may help the seller avoid future litigation.