How to sell an ugly house

Buyers can be fickle when it comes to selecting a property that they think will fit their needs and budget. However, there are many steps that you can take to ensure that your home comes off the market in a timely manner no matter how ugly or dated it may look.

Work with investors who are looking for a deal

It may be possible to sell your home to investors who will purchase the property without seeing it. They may also agree to buy the home after seeing it regardless of the condition it is in. While your home will likely sell for less than its market value, the sale process will generally be a quick one.

Selling to an investor can be ideal for those who are trying to sell properties owned by deceased family members. It can also be an effective way to liquidate a property that was damaged by a pet, a pest problem or other major structural issues that you don’t want to fix on your own. Depending on whom you sell the property to, it may be possible to receive up to $10,000 to cover moving and other related expenses.

Some companies will front the cost of necessary upgrades

Instead of selling your home to an investor, you could choose to work with a company that will renovate the property without charging an upfront fee. The contractor who makes the upgrades will be paid when the home sells. In addition to getting your house off the market fast, the increase in your home’s value could negate the cost of having it renovated.

Working with a real estate attorney may make it easier to sell your home regardless of the condition it is in. Your legal representative may be able to draft disclosure forms or take other steps to minimize the chances that any significant issues will arise before, during or after the sale.