3 qualities to look for in a real estate attorney

Real estate can be confusing. While some deals may be possible with a realtor or broker, you need an attorney when you are going through a complicated or risky real estate transaction. If you are thinking of hiring a real estate attorney, you need to make sure you hire the right one. Just because someone is a real estate attorney does not necessarily mean you should choose that person to handle your case.

When looking for a lawyer, look for these characteristics to make sure he or she is qualified to help you with your transaction.

1. Overall experience

Before choosing an attorney, it is crucial to find out how much legal experience he or she has. You should look for someone with over 10 years of a proven track record. A seasoned legal professional with decades of experience will set you up for success as you go into your deal.

2. Relevant experience

You might be tempted to go with an outstanding family or criminal law attorney you have already worked with, but you need someone with relevant experience. It does not matter that you have a family law lawyer who has helped you for decades because that person does not have the real estate knowledge you need. Furthermore, make sure the attorney you choose has handled plenty of real estate matters similar to yours.

3. Personal service

Nothing is worse than an attorney who seems disconnected or uninvested in your case. Ask your potential attorney if he or she is willing to be your personal advocate. You can even inquire about how he or she is planning to handle your case. Real estate matters are all unique, so you do not want an attorney who attempts to have a one-size-fits-all approach.

When you choose the right person to help you through your transaction, you can have peace of mind that you will deal with fewer problems.