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The challenges of rezoning for commercial use in Sonoma County

Business owners and would-be investors often pay a premium for property zoned for commercial, industrial or mixed-use purposes. After all, zoning regulations control what you can and cannot do at any given property. The zoning of a parcel or building, as well as the zoning of other properties nearby, should be given careful consideration if you plan to buy real estate for your business.

6 ways real estate attorneys can save developers money

When you are a real estate developer, you have your eyes on the bottom line: making sure your investment in property pays off in the end. Often, developers think that by purchasing a property without consulting an attorney, they will save money. However, that's often not the case.

Addressing defects in your development after construction

Real estate developers and builders serve a critical role in the modern economy. They turn unused land into habitable properties where people can live and enjoy their lives. They also take land and vastly increase its overall worth by creating structures and other improvements on the property.

3 key elements your real estate offer should include

When it comes to purchasing real estate in Santa Rosa, many people seem to think they just need to make the best offer price to buy a property. However, the purchasing process is much more complicated than that. Many things must take place before ownership of a property can legally change hands. 

Get the most out of your attorney-client relationship

During your real estate litigation, it is important that you work with your attorney. In essence, you are in a partnership with a common goal to obtain favorable results in your case. As partners, you must both contribute to reach a favorable outcome.